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848% Increase in Impression in The First Three Months of Launching Social Media Campaign

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Indigo FX, a foreign exchange company, had an outdated website that wasn’t converting. We helped them overhaul their brand image and then raise brand awareness in a social media campaign.

Their Challenges

With a 7-year-old non-user-friendly site, Indigo FX’s digital presence wasn’t reassuring enough to influence the user into doing business with them. Although a successful and established business, this was not translated online meaning they were missing out on opportunities.

Their current site presented them as an archetypal, suited financial company which they understood was no longer the brand position that would resonate with their audience or that represented them accurately. Their goal was to move towards positioning themselves alongside modern Fintech companies like Revolut.

Although their customers could easily be defined by two user types – business and personal, this wasn’t considered in the navigation or layout of the website. Making the overall user experience confusing.

Our Solutions

Following a competitor and market analysis we overhauled the entire user experience of the website by providing clear navigation into different areas of the website, including separate tabs for business and personal. After carefully mapping each user journey it was easy for us to create a site that put the users’ needs first and offered them the right information at the right time to influence them to request an account with Indigo FX.

Our designers produced a style that was modern and approachable, that left behind the old-school city banker impression that Indigo FX had previously been giving.

Because we have experts across UX, UI, design, branding and digital marketing, we were able to provide a full digital transformation that considered their digital strategy as a whole. The website was built in flexible repeater rows meaning Indigo FX could easily create new pages that would be consistent with the rest of the website without needing any coding knowledge.

Social Media Campaign – 6.16k Organic Impressions In 3 Months

Happy with our work on the website project, Indigo FX launched an organic social media campaign with us, with the goals of furthering lead generation and increasing brand awareness.

Comparing the first three months of the campaign to the previous months shows an obvious increase in posts. Whereas they didn’t have the time or resources to post consistently, CDA was able to create a consistent presence for them. With an 848% increase in impressions, our content was reaching thousands of people, achieving Indigo FX’s goal of raising brand awareness. This data also shows an average engagement rate of 7.54% which is over double the platform average of 3.16%.



What They Had to Say

CDA Group have been amazing in designing and building my website. They are thorough in what they do and give the time to understand what you want and take into consideration all aspects of the website. They deliver a professional, efficient & friendly service.

Great partners who provide excellent results. They work with you and behind the scenes to optimize your growth strategy.

I would highly recommend to others.

David Pearson, Indigo FX