Championing dignity, enabling independence

  • Design
  • Digital
Consultancy of a multi-website portfolio, with design and development of a product enquiry generation website.

The Brief
Accora create cost effective chair and bed solutions for use in care facilities and community environments, to facilitate safe, independent, and functional mobility. With a vast international portfolio, firstly, they required consultancy and a strategy for a range of brands. Firstly, by starting with a website for the main Accora business.


Our Approach
Whilst the type of products meant that Accora couldn’t offer traditional immediate purchase eCommerce through their website; we still believed that it should still be set up as an online shop, with products and categories. However, the only difference would be that instead of an ‘add to basket’ option; the clear call to action would be to request a quote or enquire.

The Website
Whilst the website is structured as an eCommerce website, with layered category navigation, clean yet detailed product pages, and supplementary content to explain the benefits of buying from Accora. Furthermore, the user journeys are clear, with consistent calls to action to encourage enquiries and increase lead generation. Additionally, as Accora have differing markets in the UK and Ireland; we replicated the main website on a subdomain for users visiting from Ireland. Now, no matter where a user accesses the Accora website from, we know they will receive the same brand experience – achieving brand consistency across all digital platforms.