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430% Increase in Leads Generated from Social Media for B2B Startup

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Fintech start-up, Gaviti, came to us to increase their brand awareness and ultimately help grow the company. The campaign we delivered resulted in a 430% increase in leads from social media.

Based in the start-up nation of Israel, Gaviti is a platform for SMEs to get their invoices paid faster by automating the collections process.

Working with a startup you’re not only selling to the intended buyer but also to investors. Branding is hugely important, as well as sharing your successes and driving home your selling points. Organic social media presence is a great way to increase your credibility as a start-up and stand out against your competitors in the fight for funding. In the fast-paced, competitive landscape of Israeli start-ups, especially in the fintech space – all these things were crucial to Gaviti.

The Goals

  • Grow followers within their target market, specifically people working in high-level Finance roles and in Accounts Receivable teams.
  • Show an active, established successful front for investors.
  • Raise brand awareness with the goal of growing the company and securing funding.

The Campaign

Focusing on LinkedIn we devised a campaign that would separate Gaviti from the competition by spelling out their unique selling points to potential clients and investors.

With the help of our specialist social media team, Gaviti’s social media presence became varied as we created engaging content including, Gifs/memes, carousels, polls and videos. As we have an in-house design team, we were also easily able to create elevated graphics and animations.

Although the original goal of the campaign was just to raise brand awareness, we turned their social media into a lead-generating machine. Through engaging content, we highlighted the benefits of Gaviti to their audience and in turn increased their leads from social media by over 430%.

The Numbers

  • Over 430% increase in leads generated from social media
  • Over 1.9 million brand impressions across organic social media within 18 months
  • 335% increase in website traffic from social media
  • LinkedIn following increased by over 2,000%



What They Had to Say

We initially hired CDA as our social media vendor to improve our online presence for potential clients and investors. However, their strategic campaign not only achieved that goal but also generated solid B2B leads. We would recommend CDA to any business looking to enhance their social media marketing efforts.

Ilan Hertz, CEO, Gaviti