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Everyone has experienced a form of neuromarketing. However, this effective scientific marketing tool is often misunderstood and sometimes neglected as a result. The technique acts as a major force in both conversation and marketing optimisation and consists of marketers participating in psychological research.


Examiners study the brains activity by monitoring the ‘pleasure centre’ of the brain to find out just how exactly people are reacting to their work. It also takes a look at noticing how people are affected by a certain approaches; whether that be different packaging, a range of products, and even taste or smell. This information then influences the content and design of future marketing campaigns.

There are a wide range of ways neuromarketing can be used in your brand strategy. Below are a few of the key methods to consider when using neoromarketing to create your brand strategy; and how they can be incorporated.

Send a smile

Firstly, a smile goes a long way. Share positivity with visitors by displaying an uplifting photograph as appose to one which displays no emotion; this is something that would get your brand remembered by your customers. Photographs are an effective way to represent the personality of your brand; so by having an engaging, cheerful photo to greet users will boost their mood; and in turn, as a result, boost the likelihood of them making a purchase on your site.

Keep it simple

The experiment completed by Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz showed ‘people are more likely to engage in a given behaviour the less effort it requires’. For users to engage in a certain behaviour or follow instructions; it’s recommended to keep instructions clear and simple. This avoids any confusion and also reduces the amount of time a reader spends on acknowledging and processing the content; in turn increasing the readers willingness to engage and act; all whilst spending more time on your site.


By creating a unique website and making your USP’s clear to users; your brand, service and products will become memorable to the public therefore making your brand more successful. By choosing bespoke fonts and images; customers will remember your brand identity and will be likely to focus on these elements when referring to your brand.

To clarify, marketing campaigns all over the world use this flexible method; this is to determine brand loyalty and customer preferences. This helps marketers understand what they need to implement; whether that is to achieve the goals they have set and/or to reach the correct people within their target market. In conclusion, if you want to have a key impact impact on your customers’ opinions and your success rate when executed correctly, then neuromarketing is a perfect way to develop your brand strategy.