In 2015, Apple fans were exposed to iOS 9 which introduced users to the public transport facilities available via the maps app; and let’s not forget, Apple Pay.


Following this launch, 2016 brought users the launch of iOS10 which increased security by disallowing iPhone and iPad passwords to be 3 digits or shorter. Monday unveiled the launch of the well awaited new iOS generation – iOS11 which is set to be released to the public in September 2017.

We’ve put together a few of the new features Apple has given their customers to look forward to.

Social media login deactivation

Being able to activate or log into an app via social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter has been extremely useful and time saving method for 6 years. This was introduced with iOS 5 in 2011. This will no longer be an option; as iOS 11 will require users to log in through a web browser and being redirected to the third-party app.


4th Generation iPad, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

Due to Apple devices now being made with a 64-bit processor as appose to a 32-bit; some previously downloaded educational apps and games will be unavailable on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and 4th Generation iPad after the iOS 11 update. However, this will not effect apps which have been updated within the last couple of years; although these devices will no longer receive software or security updates from September.


Money transfers via Apple Pay

iOS 11 will introduce Apple Pay for transferring money or making payments to friends and family. Siri will recognise a conversation about money on the Messages app and suggest Apple Pay to either send or receive money.


Airport guidance & Shopping centre maps

Do you spend hours searching for a certain shop within a large shopping centre; or wonder what shops exist past the security in an Airport? Apple are introducing airport guidance and shopping centre navigation; this will allow users to see what restaurants and shops are available past security and what shops are located on which level in a shopping centre.


Do not disturb whilst driving

Safety comes first! Apple are encouraging drivers to concentrate on the road when behind the wheel; this means they will be introducing a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ option. When turned on; this will automatically silence notifications and the option to send automatic replies to favourite contacts will be available which will tell favourite contacts that you are driving.


Finally, it doesn’t end there; we’re also going to see changes iMessages; a control centre revamp and a brand new app store!

What are you most looking forward to iOS 11 bringing? Let us know! Contact the team on 0203 780 0808 or send an email to [email protected].

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