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Your website is more than just an introduction to your products. It has real power to engage with visiting clients; it can generate leads and help to develop your brand and its values all through the use of good web design.


Having a well-designed website can tell you how visitors are interacting with it, which can provide you with excellent data that can be used to understand your target markets. If people are visiting your website once and leaving within 20 seconds, you may have an issue with how user-friendly it is.

How digital design interacts with content

Content is an important part of any website and you’ll need to be aware of how many words you’ll want on your static pages so that it functions well for SEO. Too few words on a page and your website won’t track on Google; too many and it will look cramped and uncomfortable, giving poor user experience. Good web design arranges the content on a page so it is instantly engaging for visitors and provides the essential information in a simplistic and aesthetically pleasing way. You’ll want to make sure the content and design flow well together; that images being used are relevant to the content and photographs are of a high-quality, especially if you are an e-commerce business selling online.

User experience design

User experience design incorporates different aspects of web design to create an accessible website that flows beautifully, making it simple for visitors to use. Alongside the visual design; UX deals with information architecture (such as navigation design and structuring), interaction, usability and testing, human-computer interaction, and accessibility, along with other aspects.

For branding

Good web design symbolises a businesses brand and its values. If you pride yourself on providing a relaxed service; you’ll want your website to represent this with the types of images and graphics you might use. If you want to display your expertise and skills; you’ll want your website to show this with serious and professional visual design.

Logos play an important part of branding. They are specifically designed so we automatically know what a company stands for, who they are aimed at, and how they might influence our behaviour; they mean so much more than just an image or a font. A well-designed logo will become instantly recognisable so people will automatically know what the company represents.

Good design works like a cog in the marketing machine; functioning alongside content and website development to help establish your brand. It’s more than just a pretty looking website.

At CDA, we are experts in web design that looks fantastic, generates leads for your business, and functions beautifully. Get in touch today to see what we can do for your website.

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