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When we wake in the morning, the first thing we tend to do is reach for our mobile phones. We don’t just use our mobiles to make calls and send texts anymore; today they are our connection to every aspect of our world; from checking emails and listening to music, to recording our steps and scanning the news.


Over the last few years, as smartphones have developed, there has been a staggering growth in mobile website traffic, which is having a knock-on effect on the demands of website development.

Speed v content: the great debate

Google reports that the average time it takes for a website to load on a mobile is 22 seconds. This is a very worrying figure, since we know that most visitors will only wait three to four seconds for a page to load; before they decide to leave and look at a competitor’s site. This means that speed is now one of the most critical factors when it comes to developing brilliant websites.

In the past, many marketing professionals and website designers have focused on creating great content and stunning designs, to both attract and persuade potential customers. Although these are still important aspects, our thirst for instant access to information is leaving us impatient, so speed is quickly becoming increasingly more important.

The quick accessing of websites also means that visitors are likely to leave your website quickly. The content and design of websites needs to display everything a person could be looking for, in a way which can be scanned very quickly. All text should be concise and written in a way that addresses whatever it is the customer could be searching for.

As the number of people viewing sites on mobiles has overtaken desktop traffic, there has been a shift in website design principles. At the core of these new designs is simple and obvious navigation. For example, pages allow vertical scrolling, call to actions are obvious, entry forms are shorter and, in many cases, advertisements are removed.

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As we enter 2018, there is one thing we know for sure: mobile traffic will continue to increase, which means there is more of a requirement for mobile website development. If you’re not ready to invest in a new website, it’s possible to improve page load speed by removing any elements which are slowing the page down. As specialist web developers, we will be able to carry out a thorough review of your website and pinpoint which areas need to be improved, so we can work out an effective plan of action.

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