In order to increase your web presence, good content is key. More and more, online companies are launching blogs that give good content for ‘free’. In return their customers are more engaged, conversions rise and online buzz increases.


When it comes to writing copy, it must be engaging, balance SEO with content, appeal to your customers’ needs and wants, and have an impact. Ticking all of these boxes and ensuring regular, consistent posts can be tricky, but doing it well will give you an edge over your competitors. Here are our top five reasons why you should hire a copywriting team:

1. You can be sure content won’t have grammar or spelling issues

Copywriters are experts in grammar, spelling and punctuation. They live and breathe the written word, so you don’t have to worry whether you’ve used the right word or if that apostrophe needs to be there.
Also, copywriters have rigorous quality checks, which add another layer of assurance to the finished product. Grammar is one of the simplest ways to improve your SEO, so hiring a copywriting team could help your website get more hits than ever.

2. Copywriters are also SEO experts

As any online retailer trying to make their way through SEO techniques will know, Google likes to keep you on your toes. It is a constantly evolving machine and that means you need to be too.
At CDA, our specialist SEO copywriting professionals can easily keep pace with the changes; this is their domain and just as you stay up to date with your industry, so do they.

3. You’ll have more time

Copywriters often aren’t cheap, so many smaller or medium-sized businesses may decide to err against having one. However, the time copywriters can free up for you and the expertise they bring to your content is an often overlooked ‘cashback’ that companies don’t realise.
All those hours you are saving on research, writing, editing and publishing are hours you can be promoting, improving and making money for your business.

4. They capture your business’s ethos

Copywriters are passionate about connecting with businesses and their people. They are experts at capturing a business’s identity and applying this to the tone of the content. They are also excellent at persuading customers to buy into your business, whether that’s products or services. At CDA, our services will be tailored to meet your business needs and to provide tangible results and that all-important boost to your web traffic.

5. They don’t speak jargon

Copywriters understand where jargon is needed and where it isn’t. They are great for breaking down industry jargon for your readers, which many business owners will unknowingly write into their content because it is the language they speak. By writing in easy-to-understand terms, you’ll find your content is read, shared and engaged with more.

If you’re ready to give your business that extra edge in 2018, then don’t delay! Contact us today at CDA to learn more about our copywriting team.

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