CDA are industry leaders when it comes to the creative design, development and execution of websites, branding and other marketing services. We take pride in developing platforms and helping businesses to become more successful online, and we often help develop sites that become sources of inspiration for other brands. But what companies and websites inspire the CDA team? Below we offer a creativity round-up of some of our favourite creative websites…

John Lewis

John Lewis dedicates a large budget to developing and maintaining their eCommerce website, and it shows. By constantly improving their site they offer a consistently high-quality user experience and although their website contains multiple different product categories, it is simple to navigate.


Looking for website inspiration? The CDA team recommend you visit the Awwwards website. The website judges other websites based on their design, innovation and creativity; so it is the perfect place to find inspiration and identify design trends.

Kikk festival
This festival website utilises clever design tricks to appeal to their target audience, festival fanatics, through use of colour and interactive features. Any website that truly understands not only what their audience wants, but what appeals to them, should be considered inspirational.
Serious Business

As the name suggests, this brand means serious business when it comes to quality website design. Interactive navigation helps users not only explore the page seamlessly but become highly engaged with the website. Serious Business draws on relevant cultural and social trends and implements them flawlessly into their website; thereby making the website incredibly relevant for modern businesses.


Siroppe is another brand not afraid to use colour and instead capitalises on having a memorable, vibrant colour scheme. Design can be powerful in helping us find solutions and shapes the way we use websites and Siroppe is a perfect example of this.

BDDI 2018

BDDI is a great example of how website design doesn’t have to be limited to one form of media, as the website innovatively mixes 3D music visuals with interactive design. Creative visuals intertwined with a website help the company’s images become the focal point of the website which is incredibly appealing in today’s world when images are often valued over large text boxes.

Are you looking to create your own website that you hope will inspire others? Contact CDA today! Our expert creative team can help improve your digital marketing efforts and branding overall.

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