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For many companies, creating an SEO, or search engine optimisation, strategy is key.

By allowing your website to rank higher in the returned results of search engines; you generate far more website traffic, which gives you a greater number of potential clients that you can subsequently turn into paying customers. However, it is a mistake to keep your strategy static; and utilising seasonal SEO strategy can really help to increase your SEO performance.
As such, our experts at CDA have created a short guide on how your company should use seasonal SEO strategies:

1. Modify your keywords

Many people will inherently associate seasons to the holidays that are coming up and will be more inclined to buy products that inline with this. Therefore, when using search engines, people will search for different things during different seasons, meaning that there will be a fluctuation in the prevalence of certain keywords across the year. In order to capitalise on this, your website should add these seasonal keywords into your content; helping the search algorithms to put your website first. Christmas is a perfect time to utilise this, and actioning this can be as simple as putting the word ‘Christmas’ before your products.

2. Review all your content

As well as looking to create new content for the upcoming season; utilising a seasonal strategy also means going through previous material to see if it is still applicable. Many industries change quickly. What was once considered cutting edge is now old, or even obsolete. As such, it is essential to update your website content seasonally to ensure that it is still on the forefront of your respective industry. This is especially relevant for technology-based eCommerce firms, who should always lead with up to date products. Whether that be new updated software or physical hardware with greater processing power; the season’s latest products should be heavily featured and promoted on your website.

3. Customer needs change

Customers have different needs for different seasons, and your website should reflect this. As well as modifying your keywords by events; they should also be updated to reflect the matching needs and wants of clients based on other factors, such as the weather outside. By capitalising on the immediate trends of customers; you’ll be presented with an opportunity to really sell your brand and products, hopefully turning them into repeat clients. Clothing eCommerce stores must take this point into consideration; very few people will be attracted to a website that are still promoting their sandals and summer dresses in November!

At Creative Digital Agency, we pride ourselves on offering digital marketing and SEO strategies for firms of all sizes, specialising in eCommerce. Contact us for more information!

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