Digital marketing techniques continue to rapidly change and develop, as businesses facing high levels of competition look for new ways to push ahead. In the past, many businesses used marketing techniques such as printed and radio advertisements, but in most cases these have been replaced by the revolution of digital marketing strategies.

With businesses always looking to increase sales and improve their return on investment, we take a look at some of the latest trends which could quickly become the future of digital marketing.

The latest devices

Over the past five years, we have seen a shift towards consumers using mobiles first; as they search for instant information and convenience. This trend is unlikely to change, but new devices could encourage a shift in marketing strategies. For example, smart speakers such as Siri and Alexa will see marketers having to consider their results in these searches, rather than only considering traditional search engine result pages. It is likely that as the technology develops, consumers will start to use these search functionalities in tandem with their smartphones.

A shift in the use of social media

Social media was originally created as a platform to interact with others; but we expect to see a major shift in the way it is used. As users of social media look for entertainment rather than conversation; businesses are beginning to benefit from sharing videos and other forms of media. As fewer people interact on social media; marketers will need to develop new strategies which will appeal to the latest trends in engagement.

The adoption of artificial intelligence

The technology of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy; but there is evidence of its use around us daily in technology such as self-driving cars. We expect artificial intelligence to gradually become adopted into a variety of new marketing applications; which will assist in areas such as content development, face recognition, digital assistants and chatbots. The potential accuracy of artificial intelligence will provide marketers with an improved ability to analyse exact changes in consumer behaviour to create a personalised and interactive user experience.

In a quickly developing environment as we move into the future; the best way to drive your business forward is to hire a professional digital marketing agency. Our team pride themselves on staying ahead of the latest marketing developments; so that we can offer everything from website design to marketing solutions. To find out more about our personal approach to marketing, please contact our experienced team today.

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