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You might have a part of your marketing strategy which is exclusively devoted to branding, and the same might be true of SEO. But did you know that in many ways they are benefiting each other? In the process of making the changes which could see your website shoot up the Google rankings, you can actually do many things which play right into the hands of the plan to bolster your branding.


We have come a long way

Back in the early days of the net, rudimentary SEO tactics included the listing of keywords on sites purely to attract search engine exposure. In many cases, the web user was left with a less than positive outcome when they arrived on such sites, and the impact on the brand was negligible, if not negative. In the modern day, however, many of the techniques which you can use to bump up your SEO are actually perfect to build your brand.

Time to get local

For many products and services, building a strong local or regional customer base is one of the most important parts of their marketing and sales strategies. Google also rewards local listings by giving them prominence according to area-related search terms. By focusing on achieving a strong local listing, preferably including strong user generated reviews, companies are able to build their brand at the same time as their SEO.

Brand building with backlinking

Backlinking is a tried and tested technique for improving SEO, involving the strategic placing of links to your URL on desirable websites such as media platforms or social media networks. In the process of doing this, you could also be building your brand with content which informs, entertains or educates, while at the same time pointing to the strength of your offering. It is another classic ‘kill two birds with one stone’ strategy.

Be victorious in video search

Video is the way things are going on the web and Google proved it with their purchase of YouTube! And you can stay on top of the trend by producing great video content which can rank highly on the video-dedicated search which is featured on Google. Video content can be directly related to your product or service, building the profile of your brand, while directing more users to your website and bumping up SEO in the process.