When it comes to website design, it can be difficult to incorporate an overall marketing campaign into a digital image; complete with the right content, branding and focus on online sales. As such, it is important to fully understand every aspect of web design; also how it relates to the customer to allow your marketing strategy to be fully understood through their eyes. One key feature of this, which is really growing in influence through the digital marketing world, is the psychology of colour.


What is it?

Psychologists have found that colours are tied to emotions;. Seeing a particular colour inherently causes subconscious connections and reactions in the brain. Therefore affecting the way we feel or respond to the object in question. For example, humans connect bright vibrant reds with danger, and thus a webpage that uses these colours will be linked to these thoughts and feelings. As such, by investigating the psychology of colour and incorporating it into your web design; you can really help to influence the reactions of your end users.

Colour theory

While colour theory is not still fully understood and is not an exact science; research has shown that there are some definite dos and don’ts when incorporating colour theory into your website:

1. Don’t use bold or vibrant colours for your general background. Not only will this detract from the actual content on the page; but it will also overload the reader with one specific reaction; thus leaving them unable to grasp the nuances and important points of your page.

2. Soft greens connect with healing and the environment. For example, if your company is linked to the environment; or you want to discuss your recycling schemes and green credentials, then having a soft green background will reinforce this message. However, try and avoid greens that are the same shade as the American Dollar, as this will be unconsciously associated with greed.

3. Be consistent. Colour recognition helps to define a brand and a marketing campaign. So try and utilise the same colour schemes throughout your website once you have investigated the psychology of colour and have chosen tones and hues that match with your intended outcome.

At Creative Digital Agency, we ensure that we incorporate the psychology of colour into all of our web designs, branding and printing services. Specialising in eCommerce, our services can help to drive your online sales, so get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you when selling online!