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Social media is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy in today’s world. The growth in eCommerce has made it tougher to attract new visitors that are needed to boost online sales. Below we discuss some key social media marketing strategies that can help you boost your online sales significantly.

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1. Run a Pinterest treasure hunt

This is a powerful way to boost sales via social media marketing. It works like this: firstly, you contact a few partners and ask them to pin an image to one of their Pinterest boards. This image is there to provides clues to the next image in the treasure hunt trail. You then help things move along by posting a blog that highlights the promotion alongside a link to the first image. Those customers who get to the last image are forwarded to a hidden page where they enter in their details to take part in a competition/raffle.

2. Use #hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags are a powerful tool when they are used correctly. They make it easy to join in on events and discussions by posting under the ones which are of relevance to your business or brand. You can use tools such as Hashtagify to find other hashtags which are related to the one you’re trying to target. It’s important that you don’t treat hashtags with an all-in-one approach. It’s different for each platform and we’ve outlined the approach needed below.

– Twitter posts gain more engagement with a single well-placed hashtag rather than a tweet with lots of hashtags
– Instagram posts see the most engagement when you use multiple hashtags
– Facebook posts don’t do as well with hashtags, so it’s best to leave it to Twitter and Instagram

3. Invest in info graphics

Investing in a professionally designed info-graphic is a great tactic to drive traffic and build backlinks, which are necessary for SEO. People find info-graphics easier to digest important information, so it’s a good investment in the future of your business

4. Create interactive content such as quizzes

Interactive content tends to work really well on social media. You need to create a quiz that compels people to share the results, such as creating something that tells people something about how much they know or something about themselves. You can create your own free quizzes with websites such as PlayBuzz.

If you’re interested in more digital marketing techniques or would like advise from the professionals to take your business to the next level, then get in touch today.

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