As we usher in the New Year, this is the perfect time for companies to set goals for 2022. Business goals go hand and hand with marketing, so you will also need to create a marketing plan for the coming year. 66% of marketers expect marketing spend to increase in 2022, so let’s look at where you should invest your marketing budget.

Website design

Your eCommerce website is the only interaction prospects have with your brand, so it has to represent you how you want the world to see you. In addition to that, Google made a few changes to its algorithm, which will significantly impact how they rank websites. They introduced Core Web Vitals, a three-metric report to rate users’ experience loading a webpage. These key metrics include:

• Largest Contentful Paint [LCP]: This measures the amount of time your website takes to render the biggest content element visible from when the user requests the URL. This can be an image, video, or a sizeable block-level text element.

• First Input Delay [FID]: FID measures your website’s interactivity. It measures the time from when a user clicks on a clink to when the browser responds to that interaction.

• Cumulative Layout Shift [CLS]: This metric measures the visual stability of your website. How often do your pages experience an unexpected layout shift during their lifespan? A good CLS should always be less than 0.1.

Given these new changes, if your website is more than three years old, you should consider adding website design to your 2022 marketing budget.


Content is the king of digital marketing, and that is expected to remain the same for years to come. According to a survey, 47% of buyers view three to five pieces of content before interacting with a sales rep, so moving forward, you should invest a significant part of your marketing budget to creating content that supports a buyer’s journey. Video will be the cornerstone of content marketing in 2022, with an emphasis on short-form video content.

Influencer marketing

The same survey also revealed that 34% of marketing professionals agree that influencer marketing should be a top priority for all businesses in 2022. Unlike before, where influencer marketing was reserved for big brands, small businesses can now use micro-influencers and nano-influencers to promote their brands. Influencer marketing will also marry well into your content marketing strategy.

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