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The eCommerce world keeps on evolving. Changes in digital marketing, supply chain problems and global factors can impact the industry, so you have to plan and take advantage of what comes next.

Here are some of the trends to look forward to in 2022 and how to gain from them:

Invest in voice search

Voice search is currently one of the biggest trends in the digital world. According to the latest Google reports, 27% of the global online population is using voice search on mobile. With voice search programmes like Alexa, Siri and Google Home becoming part of our regular home devices, you can expect purchases through voice search to explode.

Ensure your eCommerce platform is compatible with voice search devices to avoid missing out on this popular trend in 2022.

Take advantage of the Metaverse

The digital world is beginning to shift to the new internet age of web3.0. Already, companies like Facebook are making their bets on the future of the internet. The Mark Zuckerberg-led company recently changed its name to Meta, in a show of faith for the possibilities within the Metaverse.

Start looking for opportunities within Meta spaces as early as possible to help you keep up with the competition.

Influencers are here to stay

Influencer marketing has become one of the best ways to reach prospective clients in recent times. According to research, businesses earn over four times as much for every £1 spent on influencers. With such a high return on investment, it’s a no brainer that influencer marketing will stay on trend in 2022.

To succeed using influencer marketing in 2022, you have to find the ideal influencer who matches your audience, has the right engagement rates and is relevant to your brand.

Focus on content

Content remains king. Search engines like Google prioritise quality content that ensures the ideal user experience. If you are looking to make it in 2022, focus on attractive, informative and engaging content.

With the right content, your eCommerce platform will rank higher on the search engine, leading to more leads and conversions.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently fast growing to become the latest star for digital marketing. The platform has experienced an increase in the number of active users and engagements in recent years.

It has also been launching various tools for businesses and marketing pages. If you’re after success in 2022, you should be going big on LinkedIn.

Bottom Line

The 2022 eCommerce landscape will favour those who embrace the new trends like voice search, metaverse and influencer marketing. At the same time, you should also take a look at the basic foundations of running an eCommerce business, like engaging content and top quality products, to ensure long term success.