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Consumers are becoming far more sophisticated in their online buying habits and behaviours, so web designers need to constantly up their game. Websites can’t just look good. They need to perform brilliantly, especially when it comes to User Experience (UX).

Let’s explore what UX involves, especially for eCommerce companies, and the power of user-centric web development.

Twin goals – SEO and UX

There’s not much point in putting a huge emphasis on driving traffic to your website via SEO if page visitors instantly click away. The best SEO attracts the right target audiences and user-centric design keeps them there.

User-centric web design focuses on the specific decision-making processes and behaviours of your target customers, giving page visitors instant reasons to stay, as well as seamless ways to move to your transactional page.

Get it wrong, and even with an aesthetically perfect website, you could face low lead conversion and poor online sales.

Key principles of UX

Increasing your UX starts with website architecture, and continues through to excellent, up-to-date content.

Providing page visitors with a positive experience also depends heavily on responsive web design. As more people than ever shop online using mobile devices, are your pages performing well on any device or browser?

Load speeds, site navigation and page search options are crucial. Consumers won’t hesitate to click away to competitors if they can’t find what they want, instantly.

Is your branding clear with USPs upfront, loud and proud?

How your product pages are categorised and populated matters immensely too. You must have clear images and compelling product descriptions, without clutter or confusion.

Also, UX hinges on managing the expectations of page visitors. For instance, one of the quickest ways to lose sales is to tell customers that items are out of stock, or involve long delivery periods, at the last minute!

In fact, one of the greatest hurdles for eCommerce UX is payment pages. This could be evidenced by lots of abandoned shopping carts. Effortless transactional systems and high customer service standards here underpin consistent online sales.

Evaluating UX on eCommerce websites

Have you noticed how fickle the average consumer is? Customer loyalty is not easy to get and even harder to hold on to. Creating strong UX on your website requires constant monitoring and improvement. So how do you measure UX, apart from dips in online sales?

A skilled web design agency can look beyond simple page analytics. Where are you losing page visitors and why?

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