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future of web design

Staying ahead of website trends is becoming more of a challenge, as the technology used to access the internet grows ever more advanced and varied. You also need to factor in the increasing sophistication (and shortening attention span) of internet users!

One thing you can predict with absolute certainty about the future of website design is that the most successful pages will continue to balance strong, clear branding and SEO-rich content, with powerful UX.

However, here we explore exciting developments that will influence website design and digital marketing in general.

Voice activated engagement

One internet trend already making its mark is a shift to using a multitude of devices, including wearable and voice-activated tech. Responsive websites should now be a ‘given’. However, you also need to be confident your design’s architecture and content respond well to voice commands and searches.

AI and chatbots

This is another current trend set to gather steam. Particularly if you are selling online, your site should feature chat technology to help users find products, or information, quickly and seamlessly.

As AI develops, chatbot software will become even more valuable. Chatbot services will continue integrating automated responses with an effortless transition to human customer service teams, while still offering a massive UX and time advantage for eCommerce companies.

3D visuals

If there is one word that sums up the future of websites, it’s ‘immersive’! Compared to traditional text and images, videos now get shared on social media 1200% more. When tested on what they could recall from a block of words, internet users remembered 95% more information if it came from a video.

This makes it likely that such things as 3D explainer videos and website motion graphics will become a standard feature for ambitious companies.

AR and VR

Continuing the immersive theme, technology is quickly enabling the top website designers and marketing minds to optimise both virtual and augmented reality.

As AR-enabled devices and the latest software becomes better able to blend reality with digital graphics, your competitive edge could come from providing product or location interaction on a whole new level!

Data and user-centric design

The foundation for creating more interactive and persuasive websites is the improved use of data science. If you still build websites based on aesthetics and pushing your brand out forcibly, you are going to get left behind, fast!

Website designs in the future will use data analytics constantly, including the new powers data gives you to map, measure and even predict consumer behaviours and decision-making processes.

From this will come even more user-centric designs, including pages that connect to visitors instantly and effectively, with all the features they demand. This will include data-driven suggestions and added value messages that improve personalised UX.

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