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With millions of people across the globe now working from home; software platforms such as Microsoft Teams have provided an invaluable means for entire companies to remain in contact.

Even if we are no longer travelling to the office in vast numbers, that does not mean we are prohibited from engaging in staff gatherings and board meetings.

On the contrary, Microsoft Teams has given companies the ability to host bigger team meetings than ever before; which is just one reason why it is such an appropriately titled programme. Where the capacity of these gatherings was previously limited by the size of the room; that is no longer a consideration.

A communication tool that is invaluable to new employees

Because Microsoft Teams can host anything from a one-to-one video call, all the way up to a conference call for hundreds of employees and stakeholders; it has never been easier to communicate an important message to so many people at once. Additionally, it is of significant benefit to new employees in an organisation; allowing them to get up to speed quickly courtesy of this enriched form of communication.

Also available via mobile app, Teams can be accessed on the go, which means users aren’t glued to their laptops. This is useful for people working in areas such as eCommerce or online shopping; who may wish to talk business while out walking or even collecting the kids from school.

Apart from offering the capacity to host online meetings, it also allows for chat rooms (instant messaging), the safe sharing of documents and screen sharing. The latter capability is particularly helpful to those in a remote-work setting.

Functions such as screen sharing offer organisations an edge

In a tutor-student setting, explaining how to carry out a task while communicating remotely on your computer can pose significant challenges. However, being able to illustrate teachings by sharing exactly what you are doing on your own screen is a game changer.

Sales are a crucial aspect of all businesses. Microsoft Teams allows organisations to stay ahead of the curve by discussing key themes relating to innovation and output. This level of useful communication can lead to enhanced gains in productivity.

There are so many positive aspects for businesses choosing to use Microsoft Teams that one can get bogged down in technical jargon. Ultimately, however, it offers the capability to maintain visual and vocal communication, which is priceless.


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