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If you’re just getting into digital marketing, you’ll likely hear a lot of new terms which won’t mean a lot to you at first. One such term is ‘domain name’, something you might have heard about in relation to your company’s website. Let’s look at what a it is and why it’s important to your business’s online success.

What is a domain name?

Your website’s domain name is its own unique address on the internet; it’s what visitors will need to type into the address bar in order to find your website directly. Domain names give websites a unique address that visitors should be able to remember, as well as acting as a clear indicator of what visitors can expect from a website’s contents.

Why are domain names used?

All websites need their own unique address so that they can be found when requested. When computers talk to each other over the internet, they use numbers because they’re simpler and easier to process; this means that all websites actually have their own IP address, which is just a string of numbers that other computers use to locate the site.

However, IP addresses are even less memorable than telephone numbers, so not much good for humans. A domain name can effectively be paired with an IP address so that when people search for that domain, the computer locates the IP address connected with that domain and finds the website this way. This keeps the process simple for both humans and computers.

Are domain names important?

Yes! Your domain name isn’t just a handy way for visitors to find your website; it’s also the first impression many people will have of your site. A good domain name will add credibility to your business, demonstrating that your business is established and serious enough to warrant its own domain. Your domain name will help to build your brand and make your website address more memorable for repeat customers.

How to choose the best domain name

The best domain names are short, memorable and snappy. It should ideally make it as clear as possible what services you offer, and make use of at least one searchable keyword for SEO purposes. Most businesses opt for their domain to simply be the same as their business name, but this isn’t always the case.

Finally, consider your extension – that is, what comes after the dot. .com is the best extension for most businesses, because it’s the most established as well as being international, so it doesn’t tie you down to one market.

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