Social media analytic tools can be used to assess and improve its social media presence. By collecting data that is reflective of social media activities, it is possible to identify areas for improvement as well as evidence for what methods are working well. This is why data is an integral part of any successful social media or marketing strategy. The following are three of the most important pieces of information that you can get from social media analytics.

1. Audience analytics

Knowing and understanding what demographic your target audience falls into can make all the difference in producing the right content for them. In addition to having a target audience in mind when the initial content is created, it is important to continually assess who is actually engaging with the content. Social media analytic tools can retrieve this information and make tailoring content for the right people easier.

2. Reach

Evaluating the size of your audience is a good way to assess if you are on track for meeting your ROI goals. This is particularly easy information to obtain with regards to video content as all the key social media platforms display a number of views. For visual or other types of content, most social media platforms provide statistics for non-personal accounts. Looking into how many people see each individual post provides you with information such as which hashtags and keywords (part of a broader SEO strategy) are most effective. Understanding how the algorithm of your chosen platform works is also key. Before people even have a chance to engage, certain types of content are prioritised and shown over others.

3. Active engagement

Whilst having a broad reach on social media platforms is crucial for sustaining presence in this online space, it is important to be mindful of disjunctions between views and active engagement. Considering statistics that show how many people view content and then actively look into the rest of your profile can be extremely helpful. This, alongside other forms of active engagement such as likes and shares, is what should inform further content.

Utilizing social media analytics is crucial for anybody who is looking to improve upon their current social media and wider marketing strategy. Being familiar with the three areas discussed is a great starting point for making informed and successful decisions that will in turn allow you to reach your goals.