website maintenance

You could be forgiven for assuming that once you’ve invested time, money and effort into developing a shiny new website you can leave it to do its job. But, the reality is somewhat different. Much in the same way that a new car or a garden needs regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition, so does a website.

Here’s why websites need maintaining from time to time.

Keep on top of updates

During the web development stage, various software will have been used to put your site together, such as WordPress. Over time, this software will need updating with improvements or patches that may offer new features or to fix any bugs or errors. If your site also includes plugins, these may need updating as time goes by.

Failure to keep on top of these updates could result in errors occurring on your site, broken links or slow loading times, which won’t create a positive user experience.

A secure site

Maintaining a website also ensures that it’s as safe and secure as possible, using the latest security features and systems that will keep your site and its content free from potential hackers, viruses or other security threats. In particular, if you hold personal details of clients on your website, and sensitive or financial data, you have an obligation to make sure your site includes the latest security updates.

As well as paying attention to updating security features, regularly backing up your website means your data is protected in case it gets lost or stolen.

Boost SEO

It’s futile going to the effort of using a professional web design business to create an amazing site if nobody is able to find it on the internet! This is where SEO can help. By implementing SEO strategies to your website you can help to boost its search rankings, so that your site becomes easily visible to audiences online.

Regular maintenance to a website, such as adding new content, is favoured by search engines like Google. Plus, by keeping abreast of the latest Google algorithms, you can tailor your site so that it makes use of the latest, approved SEO and marketing methods rather than getting penalised for any out-of-date practices.

Improved user experience

Frequently maintaining your website ensures you can provide the best user experience for your audiences, with content that is current to meet their changing needs. Making sure your site is updated with responsive design also enables it to be easily accessed on a wide range of devices, with fast loading times.

If you need assistance keeping your website maintained, contact the experts at CDA Group.