With 37% of marketers claiming visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business, we explore the variety of visual marketing content available to us and the importance in participating in the top marketing technique. 


How many of these visual marketing content techniques do you use for your company?


Images are the ultimate go-to for visual marketing content. They are also what your brand conveys and offers is an excellent way to strengthen the message you are aiming to get across in an engaging manner. Not only are images an effective method of engaging with customers, they also assist with successfully positioning your brand correctly and positively impacting your SEO.

People are more likely to finish reading a body of written text if broken up with images; what better way to split up a body of text than an image of one of your products? Original images are preferred; this allows viewers an insight into your brands personality and enables that personal touch to be implemented! Luckily, there are many methods available to take and create images for your brand; why not take the Go Pro for a trip and show your products in action? And lets not forget Polaroid photos! Allow yourself to have fun with editing your images – creating text overlay, a collage or creating an image focal point to really highlight your focus.



An area of visual content marketing even better than images – videos. What better way to interact with your product alongside interacting with your viewer than to record a video of your product being put into use?

Video content is shared 3 times more than those articles which contain only text; but be sure to focus on your audience and their wants, needs and likes so you show them what they want to see! Cisco sees that by 2019, global internet traffic from videos will make up for 80% of all internet traffic. Believe it or not, as consumers, we would rather see a video of a product that read about it. Videos are a brilliant way to present a problem; and you can use this technique to show viewers how your product can solve the problem. Top tip: keep your video content 2 minutes or under to increase the chances of your audience watching until the end!



GIFs allow humour and information to be presented at the same time, whilst increasing customer engagement – brilliant! The small snippet of entertainment can play a large role in your marketing campaign when used correctly. GIFs work extremely well within e-mail marketing; grabbing the viewers’ attention for a few seconds is enough for them to receive relevant information about your product or brand.

Don’t forget to take full advantage of social media platforms here; with both Facebook and Twitter jumping on the GIF bandwagon; the technique is proving a top way to interact with your audience! Creating your own GIF is a fun way to create your own media content and is a brilliant way to show your viewers your fun side!


Lets not forget the others!

Info-graphics, memes, drawings and webinars are also fantastic methods of visual content marketing. Considering 65% of people learn visually; it is important to include visual content marketing where possible – after all, ‘content is the King of the internet; but visual content is the King of social networks’.