With 2017 having crept up on us so quickly, we’ve been sure not to forget the highlights of 2016 by exploring the top trending searches made on Google last year.

How many of these do you remember typing into our much-loved search engine?

Euro 2016, Le Rendez-Vous

The Euros scored top of the leader board by ranking highest searched category on Google in 2016 in the UK. For the first time, 24 teams participated in Europe’s largest football tournament last year, providing us with a full month of football fun! Unfortunately, we watched Iceland defeat England, with reports of this being the most humiliating defeat in their football history.
Playing with pure determination to go home as winners, Portugal managed to defeat two-time winners France during extra time. As the Portuguese would say, ‘sucesso!’.


Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go claims the silver medal as the second highest search topic in the UK last year. The location-based mobile game encouraged us to ‘catch Pokémon’, resulting in many of us searching the UK streets for the animated characters! Developed by Niantic, the game encouraged players to take care of and train the Pokémon caught – allowing them to battle against other players.
Within a week of launching in July 2016, the game reached more than an astonishing 10 million players and is now available on the Apple Watch!


David Bowie

‘I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir’ David Bowie, 2003.
Unfortunately, the beginning of 2016 is when we said a loving goodbye to much-loved singer David Bowie, after losing a secret 18-month battle with cancer in January at just 69 Years. It is with no question as to why our music icon has been ranked so highly, with most of us taking a moment to reminisce our favourite David Bowie moments.


Donald Trump

Ending 2016 on a winner, Donald Trump won the US Election in November, defeating opposition Hillary Clinton. This election has been recognised as one of the most shocking U.S elections in history and Donald Trump became the 4th highest search term in the UK in 2016.



We sadly lost another music legend at the start of 2016. With autopsy results showing the star died from an accidental fentanyl overdose in April, the 57 Year Old left fans reminiscing their favourite Prince moments. Did you know…? Prince once took a promotion tip from Willy Wonka – the ultimate chocolate idol!

EU Referendum

2016 was the year of decision making for those in Britain! With 71.8% of eligible voters taking part in the EU referendum in June, results showed 52% decided to vote leave with 48% voting to stay. With only a 4% difference, results from the vote resulted in the decision for Britain to leave the EU.

gb-flagAnd let’s not forget the rest!…

  • Alan Rickman
  • Olympics
  • US Election
  • Deadpool
Other search trends of 2016:
Top Global trending searches 2016
  • Pokémon Go
  • iPhone 7
  • Donald Trump
  • Prince
  • Powerball
Top trending UK News searches in 2016
  • Brexit
  • US election
  • Hurricane Matthew
  • Brussels (attack)
  • Zika virus
  • Clowns
  • Harambe
  • Toblerone
  • BHS sale
  • Nice attack
Top trending ‘How to’ searches in 2016
  • … play Pokémon Go
  • … lose weight well
  • … stay young
  • … go live on Facebook
  • … vote for EU referendum
  • … get an Irish passport
  • … make slime
  • … appear funny
Top trending UK tech searches in 2016
  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Google Pixel
  • Sky Q
  • Amazon Echo
  • Nintendo
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fitbit Blaze
  • Playstation VR
  • iPad Pro