One of the main purposes of a business website is to generate leads and, by extension, encourage sales and growth. Obtaining these leads, however, is easier said than done, and will require you to adopt a strategic approach regarding web development.

If you need a little help optimising your site for lead generation we’ve put together a few helpful tips to get you started:

1. Remember to include calls-to-action

This should go without saying, but it is vital that you pepper some of your website’s pages and blog posts with calls-to-action. A call-to-action (or CTA) is essentially a line or two that includes a link to a landing page. This landing page usually includes a form that can be used to collect web users’ contact information.

2. Add forms to popular pages

Certain pages on your website may prove to be excellent lead-generators and will benefit from the inclusion of a contact form. To figure out which pages receive the most online traffic, try conducting an audit of your site. For instance, common lead-generators tend to include:

Popular blog posts

High-performing blog posts tend to be widely shared and generate a lot of traffic.

Social media

Social media is a common place for web users to engage with business campaigns. Firstly, try using platforms such as Twitter to link through to posts on your website on a regular basis.

Live chat windows

If your site includes a live chat window, much of your traffic may be directed to this service.

3. Remember to include a thank-you page

As well as creating beautiful landing pages, it is important that your contact forms lead through to an attractive thank you page. This will make your organisation seem humble and professional and will reassure customers that their details will be kept safe.

As well as saying thank you, your page could also include links to special offers or social media sharing buttons. In addition, this will help keep them interested in your company and could even encourage more people to hand over their details.

4. Test what works

Every website is different, and customers tend to react differently to different layouts and content. As such, generating leads can come down to trial and error. To ensure that the number and quality of your leads improve over time; you will need to test what works for your site.

Remember to look at historic timelines, general trends and conversion funnels that provide details about the kinds of CTAs and landing pages that generate productive leads. In conclusion, perhaps you will need to change the wording or design of your CTA or include testimonials next to your forms. It really is a matter of experimentation!