Innocent Smoothie

The key to social media is to use it effectively. A timeline full of content is simply not enough. The key is to generate engagement. Earn reactions, get people talking and, above all, build your brand. Done right, social media is your most powerful marketing tool. Here are what we consider to be the best social media campaigns from summer 2019:

Adidas: Falcon W Sneaker




You might not immediately think of Snapchat, when you’re choosing where to market your products. Adidas broke from tradition when they launched the Falcon W. Snapchat users watching the ‘Fashion 5 Ways’ show could swipe up to buy the Falcon W Sneakers. In fact, this was the first time that a product could be bought directly from within a Snapchat show. The Falcon W sneakers were a Snapchat exclusive for an unspecified length of time.

Innocent: Bolt from the Blue



Is it blue, or is it green? Who knew that a smoothie could be so controversial?

When innocent drinks launched their ‘Bolt from the Blue’ smoothie, they did it to the bluest of fanfares. They really emphasised its blueness, pretending to be oblivious to the fact that it was actually a slightly bluey shade of green. They didn’t even need to mention ‘Wonder Green’ and ‘Berry Set Go’, the other two drinks released alongside their blue smoothie, because they were so busy convincing the world that they’d created a truly blue beverage. Even Duncan, from boy band Blue, chipped in with celebrity endorsement.

The drinks brand has earned an enormous and dedicated following through its witty, fun use of social media. It’s a hard tone to get right, and you can easily fall flat, but very effective when it’s done right.

Boots: Summer Ready



In their summer social campaign, Boots stepped away from typical ‘summer ready’ campaigns that featured slim, bikini-clad women.

People today are more conscious of a beauty industry that’s built on making everyone feel bad about their bodies. Photoshop trickery is common knowledge, but can still have a negative impact on a person’s mental health. And, consumers are fighting back. They’re arguing that someone’s value, or ability to be body confident, should not be dictated by their weight or by flawless skin.

Boots hit the target with their ‘Summer Ready’ campaign, which included slightly larger women shaking their heads at the usual billboard adverts, whilst a voiceover sang “Leave it out. Nobody looks like that.”

Pantone Colour Institute: Living Coral



This year’s colour, according to the Pantone Colour Institute, was ‘Living Coral’. Highlighting the destruction of the world’s coral reefs, this campaign using hashtag #GlowingGone. They challenged designers to use three specific colour codes, to highlight the plight of our oceans.

MINI: On-Demand



In partnership with Twitter, MINI USA allowed people in San Francisco and LA to ‘Tweet to Test Drive’ their vehicles. Tweeting #MINIonDemand resulted in a link that could be used to sign up to the program. Test drive vehicles would be delivered at an agreed time, allowing Twitter users to bypass the usual car sales venues.

Social media campaigns are successful when they’re clever, and when they do something interesting and new. Our top choices broke moulds, battled stereotypes and experimented with the latest technologies.