linkedin hashtags

In LinkedIn’s own words you should use LinkedIn hashtags on their website to establish your credibility and expertise, reach people who value your insights and start meaningful conversations over shared interests. It is something that applies to all, from those in web development to web design, as the points raised can directly affect their line of work.

For businesses, a hashtag on LinkedIn can be likened to the way Magento allows eCommerce websites to connect with customers and sell products. For example, a branding or marketing agency would profit from a hashtag as it would draw more attention to whatever is being advertised. This in turn should create greater online sales for them. An SEO writer is also someone who can greatly benefit from the use of hashtags, as it is a simple way to grow your digital audience and in turn lead more people to read your story and converse with it.

Below we list some of the best techniques available to make sure you get the greatest engagements from your hashtag:

Three per post

The best strategy for you to utilise when using hashtags on LinkedIn is to only use three per post. It is the company themselves who suggest this amount, the argument being that it looks better for the algorithm, which is why it is the strategy you should be aiming for. Therefore, when choosing what you’re going to pick, remember the saying less is more and make sure you place them at the end of your content.

Broad and niche

You should always look to use two broad and one niche hashtag for your posts. A broad hashtag is usually made up of ten thousand to one million followers, whereas a niche hashtag is anything below ten thousand. Anything over one million should be avoided as the competition is too great and therefore exposure would be too low.

By using two broad hashtags, you’re aiming to increase the reach of your content, which is useful for those working in the digital marketing industry. The niche example should be something that is aimed more at your target audience, for example, someone who is selling online.

Niche hashtags are useful because although they are being searched less and therefore gaining less traction, it also means there is less competition for you to deal with. In turn this means your content can stay in the feed for longer which is useful if you are attempting to create an internet presence.

Branded hashtag

A branded hashtag is something else that can be used to great advantage as it is something that is unique to your brand. This fits in well with the niche example because while it will have less engagement, it will still be unique to yourself, which can be just as useful as someone searching for your company on Google. For example, it could be the name of your company website, responsive web design, or even the name of your WordPress account – all of these will create greater exposure in the long run.

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