User Journey

Journey is a buzzword at the moment. Artists, authors and others talk about the ‘journey’ they have been on to create their work. Sometimes, this can seem somewhat tenuous. Yet, in very real terms, when those searching the web for a product arrive at your eCommerce website, they are at the start of a potential journey. One to an end-point where they make their purchase. So, to encourage them to that outcome, here are three key questions to consider about your web design and content…

Does it simplify and expedite that journey?

A quick search of the web will reveal many sites where the answer ranges from ‘barely’ to ‘not at all’. There are a range of reasons for this. A common one is about the authoring of content. Customers often think quite differently about a product than those who create and sell it. The former have a range of reasons for wanting, or needing, to use that product. The latter have a range of features of the product that they are keen to promote. If these two starting points quickly come together – then great. If not, a visitor to the website has no immediate reason for continuing. Sadly, their journey can then involve a return to their search results and a visit elsewhere!

Does it offer an instant starting point?

The chance to instantly grab a searcher’s interest is often lost when they arrive at a generic homepage when searching for a specific item. Again, their journey has been complicated before it has truly begun. Using a series of landing pages to create the marriage between customer needs and product features is a key to retaining these prospective customers. This might be for a single product or for a range of alternatives. Either way, the content is what the visitor hopes to find. They can then quickly become engaged.

Is the onward journey easy to make?

From this starting point, it’s vital that the website uses responsive design techniques to deliver a clear path to the purchase point. Obviously, there should be ‘Buy Now’ or other such button. But equally, if the prospective purchaser is either not fully convinced, or still has questions, the sale is still in jeopardy. For the first barrier, client testimonials can add confidence. For the questions, an online communication box can engage them. And bring them into personal contact with you.

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