Thank you to everyone who supported CDA and visited our stand and seminars around branding & digital marketing success at Spring Fair 2018!

CDA is a full service, design and digital media agency. We are a team of designers, developers, copywriters, and strategists that aim for digital success. We source ideas and develop concepts as well as create bespoke digital products.

Our founder Stuart Alldis, aims to share the cornerstones of a well-planned strategy for success in the digital era through his seminars at the show. With a background in senior eCommerce positions for multinational brands; Stuart has devised an approach to online and offline marketing that works to maximise lead generation, conversions and return on investment.

Stuart’s approach towards digital development and marketing; which is ingrained in CDA’s methods; includes a 9-step process that considers a discovery phase and after go-live support as two of the most prominent areas of focus. As a result this ensures the project in question has been fully considered and is as secure as possible; optimising it for success with future marketing efforts.

Furthermore, Stuart also spoke about the importance of authentic branding and starting with ‘why’ – taking inspiration from Simon Sinek. He outlined who he believes the real winners are when it comes to marketing; and how you can be one of them.

To sum up, if you missed any of Stuart’s masterclasses throughout the week; or would like to view the presentation again, please see below –

Full presentation –


If you have a project in mind or you’d like to discuss the seminar or CDA’s marketing approach, please contact us today.

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