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Small business

Small business owners planning to design their own website need to weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages before going ahead. If your business plans include selling online, the advantages of a professional website design are enormous.


Although setting up your own website will be an inexpensive option, clunky websites that are not easy to navigate and look unprofessional drive customers away. Furthermore, when taking into consideration¬† cost of the labour you spent on web development are factored into the equation; your inexpensive website could work out more expensive than one that’s been designed by digital marketing professionals.

Plan your website

You should start off by thinking about what you wish to achieve with your website. Are you looking for a slick web design that will beat local competitors? Are you planning to sell your goods online? And do you hope to generate sales or leads from your website? Once your primary website targets are mapped you can begin to determine how complex your website needs to be. A complicated website with several pages, sub-pages and an online shop or reservations system could well be far too much for any novice website designer to handle. What’s more professional web designers will create a site that is indicative of the brand and encourages visitors to stay on the site and engage further.

Create a DIY website

Creating your own DIY web design will involve learning all the available design tools on the web building platform. It is possible to find free website builders; as well as having the website building platform address as part of the URL. Most businesses will need a more professional looking website than the type that can be designed on free web building platforms. It is possible to upgrade these websites for a monthly fee and they can also be hosted from a separate domain; so there are options available to DIY web designers. You could also register with the Word Press content management system to set up your website; however, when this route is taken, there is a steep learning curve involved.

Investing in a professional website design helps launch your online business successfully. Your website is one part of your overall marketing strategy; so taking advantage of expert designers will likely give you a positive return on your investment. The CDA Group provides a complete website design and build service; helping ensure your brand stands out from the crowd and your website attracts customers. Contact us for further details.

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