If you’re trying to promote your brand using social media and SEO, you must understand how these algorithms work. Luckily, there are ways to beat them, which we’ll be discussing down below.

What is an algorithm?

Simply put, an algorithm is a set of rules and instructions that a computer needs to complete a task. When it comes to SEO, marketers are more concerned about Google’s algorithm, a complex system that allows this search engine to find, rank and return the most relevant pages for a search query. Algorithms play a critical role in digital marketing. Google’s algorithm dictates how far up your website appears on search engine result pages. Social media algorithms, on the other hand, are used to sort posts in a user’s feed based on the likelihood that they’ll want to see them.

1. Frequency and timing of posts

Timely posts get more engagement. Therefore, ensure that you post consistently according to the optimal frequency of the platform you are using. Also, remember to publish your posts when your audience is at its peak of online activity.

2. Start conversations

To engage with your followers on social media, you must initiate the conversation. You can do this by creating engaging posts related to your field, asking random questions, running a quiz or a poll, asking for customer input, etc.

3. Don’t use engagement bait

Engagement bait is a tactic to create a post that tricks people into interacting through comments, likes, and shares to boost engagement artificially. Using any form of engagement bait can cause your social media posts to be pressed further down the news feed.

4. Switch up the content

Sometimes, posting the same type of content over and over can cause your followers’ engagement to drop. To keep your followers interested at all times, experiment with different types of content until you find what performs well and what doesn’t.

5. Videos!

Video content outperforms all other types of content. It is easy to consume, easy to share, and widely accessible, making it the best way of using visuals to promote your products and services among your target audience.

6. New features

Social media platforms are constantly releasing new features to improve their site. Jumping on a new feature as soon as it is released can get your content promoted as the social media platform promotes its new feature.

7. Encourage employees

Encourage your employees to get involved in your social media campaigns. Share your company’s social media goals with them and guide them on what to post.

8. Don’t navigate away

Every social media company wants you to stay on its platform. So, avoid using outbound links on your social media posts. Instead, mention them in the post description or the comment section and be sure to provide context to your links.

9. Engage with other brands

Tagging other accounts in your posts serves as an invitation for their followers to check out and hopefully share your content. When mentioning another brand, ensure that you tag their account accordingly.

10. Use hashtags

Adding hashtags to your social media posts makes your content searchable, therefore extending its reach. It helps you reach more people interested in your content and makes it easier for other users to find your content as well.

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