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Snapchat has evolved remarkably since launching in 2011. With over 200 million worldwide users, the app which allows you to communicate with your friends within seconds has become a crucial asset for businesses.


The question is… is your business ‘Snap savvy’?

CDA explores how to best use Snapchat and utilise its key features in order to generate more buzz for your business…

Behind the scenes

Would you turn down the opportunity to raise awareness of your brand to a room full of people? Unlikely. So why turn down the opportunity to raise awareness of your brand to the same amount of people, only through a different technique. Utilise the ‘fun’ aspect Snapchat embraces by creating engagement with viewers through providing them with exclusive behind the scenes access of your business. Exhibiting in London? Show your contacts what goes into putting something like this together and how you present yourselves at such an event. Introduce the employees too and encourage them to be involved with your account. Pulling back the curtains on Snapchat is the perfect way to present your brands personality to users and potential customers.

You will soon notice the number of people who enjoy staying in the loop with your business’ happenings. Adding a personal touch to this savvy marketing technique really lets you show off your company and distinguish your brand.


Embrace the opportunity Snapchat gives you to promote your brand. Create exclusive offers for products and events only your Snapchat contacts will be able to receive, for example: in relation to using a geo-filter, create an opportunity for users to receive 10% off if they were to take a photo of a certain landmark. Use this tactic to form and develop interest in your brand and be clever with the location you choose – choosing somewhere close to your location will increase the likelihood of them popping in even if they aren’t originally planning to! Don’t forget to promote your Snapchat through other social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Google+ are brilliant for this and not to mention financially beneficial.

Snapchat has recently launched an expansion of its advertising, having introduced business adverts shown to users in between viewing their friends’ stories. This is another brilliant technique your business should get involved in. You have 1-10 seconds to showcase your brand, so create something informative and eye-catching which is guaranteed to capture that viewers attention!



An excellent way to increase awareness of your brand is by utilising Snapchat’s geo-filters function. Originally launched in July 2014, geo-filters allow users to show off their current location by taking a snap and then swiping to reveal graphic overlays. Sponsored geo-filters have been used by businesses since June 2015; when McDonald’s and Ted (the movie) were among the first brands to create their own filters.

Geo-filters are the perfect tool for any business as the cost per impression and location is incredibly cheap – even small businesses can afford to implement it into their marketing strategy.

You could create a geo-filter to advertise a specific event for your business, or just to advertise your business itself by heading to Snapchat’s website

Creating a geo-filter:
  1. Log into Snapchat online
  2. Head to the Geo-filters section and click On-Demand (the business function) – [link:]
  3. Begin creating your design by uploading images and adding text. Alternatively, you could have your geo-filter professionally pre-designed [link:] and then upload it straight to Snapchat.
  4. When you are happy with your filter; click next and select the date range for when you’d like your filter to be live.
  5. Continue onto select the location you’d like your filter to apply to. The price will change depending on the size of the area; the length of time you choose your filter to be live.
  6. Once you have entered your payment details, your filter will be submitted for approval.

If you are in your selected location during the time you specified, you’ll be able to find your geo-filter!


Sponsored lenses

Sponsored lenses could prove to be a worthy investment for the more ambitious businesses. With the lens live across the globe, you could reach millions of users worldwide. Sponcered lenses are estemated to cost around $300.00 to $750.00 per day; this means you’ll have to have a big marketing budget.