Snapchat has recently updated its Scan tool, with the latest upgrade now enabling users to discover and identify more insights based on what the Snap Camera sees. The social media app first introduced its Scan tool around two years ago, and while it isn’t the central function of the app, it has been continuously refined to increase its value for users, which has significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic with barcode scanning becoming the norm.

What’s new in the latest update?


The Scan tool has a new, central location – it can now be found in the centre of the lower function bar on the screen. This location places the tool front and centre, encouraging Snapchat’s many users to try out the tool and have fun with it. Boosting usage of this tool appeared key in Snapchat’s latest update, with the company stating that Scan is “making it easier than ever to find fun and helpful experiences” across a range of categories.

Scan shopping experience

The new shopping experience directly involves the Scan tool, which works to identify and provide users with product matches from a scanned image. This could be an image of clothing, an item of food or even an image of a plant! This latest feature strongly demonstrates social media’s role in eCommerce, with many social media platforms having buying options available and readily included in their apps.

This new augmented reality (AR) focus by Snapchat has led to the inclusion of Try-On tools and digital sizing options, which coincide with the popularity of online shopping and the significance of online sales for many brands and businesses. Perhaps the most significant feature of this update is the fact that users can still use the Scan tool to shop from images that have been taken already, meaning that there isn’t a requirement for the image to be taken with the Snap Camera.

Elements of the Scan for shopping tool are gradually becoming available across both iOS and Android devices.

Camera shortcuts

Camera shortcuts have also been created to boost the usage of the app, making its features more readily accessible and available to users. These shortcuts work to provide users with camera modes, relevant soundtracks and suggested lenses based on what the Snap Camera is seeing.

These latest updates all demonstrate the shift towards AR functions that many social media platforms are working towards as well as highlighting the desire for increased functionality and accessibility by users. For more information about eCommerce and social media, or developing businesses through digital marketing, contact a member of our team at CDA.