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Social media is hot property in digital marketing and with attracting new audiences, and it’s only going to get hotter. Many businesses underestimate the power of social media marketing, especially when it comes to utilising it for online sales.

With an increasing amount of millennial’s making decisions in business; social media is the perfect avenue to target them in the eCommerce world. After all, they spend more hours than any other age group using it. To get you started, we look at the different ways which you can do this:


You’ve probably heard the phrase – Organic social media. This is the way in which to target new audiences without any ad spend.
When it comes to organic social media, ensuring all elements, such as branding, are fully aligned is one of the first steps. This way, your audience can instantly identify the brand. Enlist the help of an agency if needed.
The internet can be an expensive place, but key channels which still have legs for organic growth are mainly Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Platform features, such as hashtags, enable any content you publish to be searchable to wide audiences and therefore can help you reach new potential business prospects. Pinterest has also been found to drive higher levels of referral traffic than other platforms; they do this with its linking feature- another organic element.


Social platforms are constantly evolving their ad platforms – you can target pretty much anyone using a variety of factors.
Depending on the business objective, you can drive engagement, brand awareness, traffic to websites, conversion and sales, and lead generation. In order to do this, you have numerous targeting options, including location, interest-based, internet usage habits, and retargeting previous site visitors.

There are two main forms of paid spend on social media; Boosted, and dark content. Boosting content allows you to push a particular post already on your page to a new audience, and dark posts mean they are new posts which appear to completely different audiences, not on your page. Facebook offers the most advanced ad platform, and is one of the most cost-efficient.
No one can deny the power of Google; but paid social media can be even more effective than SEO for ROI, especially when it comes to brand awareness and conversion. Responsive design is also key for content – You need to be on top of what’s performing well, driving those results, and be able to switch up and adapt creatively as needed.

If you’re looking to reach new audiences using social media and need a helping hand, we’re ready and waiting. We can also help if you’re wanting to revamp your web design, web development, or just need some expert advice in platforms such as Magneto and WordPress. Simply give us a call or drop us an email.

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