On March 8th, 2019 it’s International Women’s Day. CDA is getting involved in the march for female equality by doing everything we can to encourage women into a career in technology. With that in mind, here’s an insight into an average day in the life of one of our web developers – Zara Ahmed.

Getting up

The alarm, that dreaded alarm, usually wakes me at around 6 a.m – and I start the process of talking myself into leaving the comfort and warmth of my bed and starting the day.
I have a pretty normal routine: make bed, have shower, dawn prayer, mentally run through my day ahead. If I can find the time, I may even sneak in a cheeky workout in the gym before starting my commute.
That commute begins around 7:15. It usually takes me about ninety minutes, and involves travelling along 3 motorways. So, I kill time by having breakfast, listening to motivational speakers, or relaxing with some music.

Getting to work

The first, and most important, job of the day is to make my tea. With that done I’m free to read and respond to emails; and see to anything I didn’t get to the previous day. The morning is my most productive time, so, if I was stuck on something yesterday there’s a good chance I’ll work it out here.
Come 1 p.m it’s time for the midday prayer and some lunch. Building websites is hungry and thirsty work! As I do this, I’ll get to any phone messages or emails that I’ve been too busy for during the morning.
From 2 to 5:30 pm I’m flexible. Depending on the day, or any deadlines, my work can include anything from bug checking, more email correspondence, or working through the planned steps of an upcoming project – there’s no such thing as too much preparation! And, of course, another prayer.

Home time

Between 5:30 and 7 p.m I’m back in my car for the journey home; which I always dread when the roads are dark and miserable. More podcasts and music help keep me sane. When I get home at 7, it’s time for dinner. Sometimes I cook, sometimes I’m just too tired. Then it’s the all-important family time – I try and avoid my phone after a day spent looking at a screen. After a little bit of exercise, a quick catch up with friends, and the day’s final prayer, I’m falling into bed at around 11:30 p.m. Ready to wake up the following day, and do it all over again!