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Setting a New Industry Standard for Ordering Branded Products Online

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Bounce Creative Designs, a premium branded products distributor, wanted a less touch-heavy and more self-serve sales process. We delivered a site that allows them to seamlessly sell online despite having multiple suppliers and bespoke configurable products.

Having ranked top 10 Distributor of the year 5 years running, Bounce Creative Designs are a successful and established name within premium branded products. Their client base includes companies such as Virgin Atlantic and Coca-Cola.

The Challenges

Bounce Creative were operating on a very touch-heavy business model where all business was conducted through Account Managers dealing with custom requests. Although this system was suitable for bigger clients with complex and large-volume needs, they wanted to serve a wider audience by offering online ordering.

They needed a system that could handle bespoke requirements for each order, such as logo file uploads and the complex needs of their supply process. As they have multiple product suppliers with different stock levels and delivery times, that would all have to be considered in this build.

Our Solutions

As in every project, we conducted a detailed discovery phase. This consists of mapping user journeys and conducting detailed research into existing operations systems and processes to define the requirements of the new site.

By spending time at the beginning of an eCommerce build considering all scenarios and making sure the user is placed at the centre of every decision, we could not only ensure that we built something that is fit for purpose but also something that influences the user to purchase at every step of the way, and that meets all of Bounce Creative’s requirements.

The Magento 2 site we built communicates via automated feeds with Bounce Creative’s various suppliers. The website aggregates products from all suppliers and displays them under the Bounce branding, with no interruptions to the user experience. Customers place their order on the website, which get sent directly to the suppliers to fulfil – meaning no manual work required from the Bounce team.

To cater to the bigger customers who require a personal touch, the website displays lead generation opportunities for requesting bespoke quotes.

Since CDA was founded from a background in eCommerce, Bounce Creative were also able to benefit from eCommerce consultancy throughout the project at no extra cost.

They have set a new standard in their industry with the way they are operating online. In an industry that is late to adopt new technology, they have a massive opportunity to stand out from competitors with an improved digital experience.

The Results

The result of this project is a site that is completely bespoke to Bounce Creative’s needs. It has allowed them to:

  • automate manual processes
  • open up a whole new revenue stream from online orders
  • become miles ahead of their competitors when it comes to user experience
  • ultimately, increase their profits