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Bounce Rate Reduced from 55.98% to 4.6% with a 20% Increase in Transactions

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Abakus Direct are an online sofa retailer. They came to us with a site that wasn’t converting, and we delivered a new site that saw a 20% increase in transactions.

The Challenges

Despite driving lots of traffic, when we first met Abakus, the conversion rate of their site was low at 0.84%. The overall bounce rate was 55.98% and the product page bounce rate was 85%. These are all signs that the user experience of the site was stopping people from purchasing.

They were spending money on paid search adverts with Google but were seeing low conversion rates. Because the site was not optimised and therefore not converting, their advertising budget was going to waste.

The functionality, speed and user experience of the site meant that Abakus were missing out on a large amount of revenue.


Our Solutions

We started with an extensive audit of their current site. Studying the analytics of the site meant we could track user behaviours and determine exactly how we could improve the site, tailoring it to the existing users as well as enticing new ones.

We built a new Magento 2 site for them focusing on improving the following areas:

Product pages

We had identified that the product pages had a huge bounce rate as users were searching for key information elsewhere in the site. We designed a product page that fed the user all the information they needed to purchase while pushing stronger calls to action that would always be visible, regardless of where they were on the page.

Mobile Experience

Since mobile and tablet traffic made up 82% of site visitors but had the highest bounce rate of 64%, we optimised the mobile experience to ensure all information was just as clear and CTAS just as prominent as on desktop.

Catering to Explorers

Many of the visitors coming to the site would be exploring lots of different options and choice for a new sofa or footstall. To cater to these users we added a ‘shop by colour’ function, visual category blocks and added a purchase-inspiring blog.


As buying a new sofa is a big decision and a large purchase for most people, we added consistent reassuring factors throughout the user journey, such as Trustpilot reviews and company USPs. We also displayed important information like delivery cost and timescales clearly throughout the journey.

The Numbers  

Sometimes it’s best to let the statistic speak for themselves:

  • Reduced bounce rate from 55.98% to 4.6%
  • Reduced product page bounce rate from 85% to 4.3%
  • Increased average session duration by 14.5%
  • Increased transactions by 20%