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An optimised eCommerce process designed to increase average order values and drive sales conversions.

The Brief

Larry King Haircare is the eCommerce brand of hair stylist Larry King. Known for stylist services and salons in London, their existing website was originally built as a brochure site to take salon bookings. Furthermore, the site had since started to include some basic eCommerce functions for their new product range; however this was ad-hoc and lacked consistency or any underlying strategy. When looking to improve their eCommerce presence; they asked us for recommendations with their online shop.

Our Approach

We began with an audit of their WordPress with WooCommerce website. We started assessing the usability, user experience, eCommerce flow and key SEO metrics such as website performance and security. Following the investigation, we provided recommendations to the team which included adding a homepage and redesigning the entire eCommerce process, from the main shop listing page to order confirmation.

The Website

By implementing an optimised homepage, users are encouraged to click into different areas of the website. In addition, our bold design represents the stylish Larry King Haircare brand whilst increasing page views and session duration. Furthermore, we introduced cross population of products and written content in addition to eCommerce best practices; such as address lookup on checkout, to create a seamless buying experience for the customer.

Digital Design

Although some customers are familiar with the brand and may be customers of the salon; we wanted to appeal to potential new customers and introduce them to Larry King Haircare. Therefore, as part of the improvements to increase brand awareness and optimise sales conversions, we created assets to promote the product USPs and business values.