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212% Increase in LinkedIn Followers for Autonomous Drone Company

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This pioneer in the field of indoor security drones needed to attract the best employees to take them to the next level and get the name of their autonomous drone out into the world.

Their Challenges

After securing a large amount of funding as a promising start-up, this client now needed to hire the team that was going to make the vision of rolling out their autonomous drone globally a reality. They needed the best in the business, so they wanted to be known as the company to work for. As a one-of-a-kind business, they also needed to educate the market and get potential clients on board with their vision for a future where autonomous indoor drones were a crucial part of commercial building management.

Our Solutions

We set to work with an employer branding campaign on LinkedIn that focused on sharing the businesses vision and values. Within the first six months, they were recognised by LinkedIn as one of ‘Israel’s Best Start-ups to work for’, meaning the content we were producing was spread so widely that it became recognised by LinkedIn themselves. Alongside this exciting award, again within the first six months of the campaign, they were able to fill all their open positions with top calibre candidates.

The second stage of the campaign was about raising awareness about their product, targeting their potential customers, and educating the world about a solution that was completely new to the market. Within less than ten months their LinkedIn account hit the 10,000-follower milestone. This not only showed how we were able to spread the word about their solution but also acted as a solid piece of social proof that they would be able to leverage in securing customers.

The Numbers

We’re proud to have helped this autonomous drone start up achieve their marketing goals within the first year, giving them a springboard to take the business onto great heights:

  • Followers increased from 3,545 to 11,058 with no paid activity
  • Full team hired within six months of launching employer branding campaign
  • Awarded ‘Israel’s Best Start-ups to work for’ by LinkedIn