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January Sales

The post-Christmas period is often one of the best times of the year for retailers with the January sales. With large sales, customers are on the lookout for a bargain and are often wanting to spend. Combined with the fact that many people receive money for Christmas which they want to spend, conversion rates often increase dramatically in January, both for physical stores and eCommerce sites.

With eCommerce sites and online sales growing year on year, businesses need to capitalise on the post-Christmas period to maximise their revenue. This can be done quickly and easily with the right advice. Our experts at CDA offer some of their best tips:

1. Update your keywords

Keywords are essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and these need to be updated regularly to reflect changing seasons and trends. This is just as true for the January sales, so make sure your keywords reflect what your customers are searching. Analyse your previous sale strategy and modify this in line with new January trends for maximum efficiency.

2. Start your sales before January

Although they are often called the ‘January Sales’, many shoppers will start looking for a bargain well before this. As such, many eCommerce sites will start their January sales on Boxing Day, to capitalise on this extra attention. The earlier you start your sales, the more likely you are to maximise your revenue for this period.

3. Maintain your customer care

With increased orders, it’s likely that your packing and shipping operations will be busier than usual. However, it’s essential that these areas maintain their quality. Bad packaging may lead to breakages and damages, and customers will not be happy to receive any item below their expectations. Don’t rush your shipping to try and cope with these increased deliveries, and it’s well worth having a notice on your site saying shipping may take an extra couple of days due to increased demand. Equally, it might be worth getting an extra pair of hands in to handle increased demand!

4. Ask for help

For any small or medium eCommerce sites, maximising your January sales might seem daunting. The world of online sales is difficult anyway, but don’t worry, there are plenty of people who can assist. Choosing a reputable firm to assist you for this period will really pay dividends, and knowing that you have an expert team to help means you have the peace of mind that everything is being done to the highest possible standard.

CDA can help you!

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