In digital marketing, content is a huge factor in building a personal or business presence online. This is why businesses need to create articles and blogs that actually reach out to people, make a difference in their day, and leave a significant mark. But what makes content compelling?

When your aim is to attract the attention of a reader and keep them engaged; there is no need to use impressive words or dramatic phrases. Instead, take relative customer feedback, reviews, or comments from all over the internet; then convert them into new blogs, service pages, and more.



Find the common theme

Whether it is a complaint or compliment, find the common theme of customer feedback from companies in the same industry or field. For example, if you specialise in writing about furniture, check out customer feedback from their websites or on online forums. There are several things you can write about; such as what are the things homeowners look for in furniture, which material works best for restaurants, or whether office workers really understand ergonomics. If you target a specific theme that your target audience is thinking about, it makes your content stand out online.


Adapt to customer terms

People are interested in reading something that relates to them. Pick out terms that customers often use and highlight them in your content. If you read through customer reviews, no one really uses the technical terms companies use to describe product features. For example, if marketing a device, instead of emphasising “audio quality”, use “sound quality”. Instead of saying “display does not cause visual fatigue”, why not say “the screen is easy on the eyes” or anything that sounds simpler and more familiar.


Provide a solution to customer problems

If you are starting your content with a question, it is best to address what customers are looking for. For example, if you are writing about printers and found a customer complaint that says “It can only print a single sheet but jams when it comes to multiple pages” start your content with “Are you tired of printers that jam when you print multiple sheets?” or something similar.
Researching customer feedback, even if not your own, provides more than just opportunities to improve a product or service. It is also a great source of content ideas that can help you get better acquainted with your customers’ needs and problems, and save you a lot of time and energy. In this way, you will stand a better chance of engaging your reader and provide the exact solution that your customers are looking for. Hand in hand with other tools such as SEO and a comprehensive marketing strategy, you can deliver content truly tailored to your target audience.