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When it comes to e-commerce, Magento is one of the leading platforms to use when designing a website. The reason is simple – it is easy to use, is tailored to the e-commerce sector and has a range of customisable features that are pretty awesome. Many e-commerce businesses, large and small, turn to Magento for these benefits when constructing their website or online store.


Of course, selling products online is all about making more sales to see your revenue increase. Here are some great tips to help you do just that by making the most of Magento.

1. Make sure to think about onsite SEO

Everyone in business knows how key SEO is now. With a good SEO strategy in place, more people will find you when they search online which should then translate into more sales. Magento has some powerful SEO features inside it but they will not all come to life automatically. Things like ensuring that the search engine spiders can crawl your site and structuring your category tree to capture the most relevant keywords are all very handy in this regard.

2. Set up notification alerts to customers

A really great way to boost your online sales is to enable customer alert notifications. This will send out alerts to customers who were close to buying an item in the past and may be interested again now. It is crucial here to remember that you need a genuine reason to do this, such as the price being lowered or the item running low on stock. This technique will help give customers that extra nudge to make the purchase.

3. Post reviews on your site

63% ( of people are more likely to buy something if it has a review of the product onsite. This stat alone shows why having product ratings and reviews shown for other customers to view is so essential. It will not only help them to take that next step into buying but also make the people who wrote the reviews more likely to shop with you again.

4. Contact previous customers with relevant promotions

Within Magento, you can send out emails to previous customers. Many will use this purely for newsletters but it is worth including details of any sales or promotions here also. For many customers, this is the extra guidance they need to return to your online store and make another purchase, thus boosting your sales. Just make sure to customise the email you send, rather than using the standard template.


If you would like more help with using Magento more effectively. As experts in this powerful platform, we will be able to offer the best advice in the galaxy. Give us a call today!

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