Discussed for years, causing consternation and panic among many businesses, Google has finally updated its indexing system to focus on the mobile version of a site above the desktop edition.


While this won’t change site ranking orders; as more users browse the web on their smartphone or tablet; they will be shown mobile sites in search results above desktop content. Given that around 60% of search is performed on a mobile, desktop-only sites will start to lose out.

Sites with responsive design will not be affected; but sites with distinct URLs for a mobile and desktop edition will find the mobile one is now the focus of Google’s attention. There is a range of outlier cases, and Google’s advice and best practices are well worth checking up on.

Those in digital marketing, web design and eCommerce departments should be well aware of the changes; and most sites are now designed with the both editions in mind. For companies unaware of the change; startups or owners of multiple sites; now is a good time to get expert help to ensure that you follow the latest rules.

Make the most of mobile

We can help ensure your site meets the key criteria through a redesign, or refresh; meeting appropriate tagging and metadata needs. If you have a mobile and desktop site; we can unify them so you are not penalised by Google’s crawlers for having duplicate content.

These sites are ranked on a range of criteria. These include having a large enough font for readability, using high-resolution images rather than sacrificing quality with lower-res versions and using mobile unfriendly features like auto-zoom.

With a range of solutions from responsive design sites, to progressive web apps; and new features coming online like augmented browsing; there are a great many options to make a company site or Magento store look fantastic on both. Compromise is not an issue for a well-designed site; but going mobile-first will put your site and business in good standing for the future with a better chance of being discovered by the smartphone users of today.

For mobile SEO, Google has further advice that we can help enable across your sites that establish good practices to cover the range of devices out there. While much of this work has been ongoing for years, the time really has come for any business lagging behind to get with the mobile times.