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Business plan 2020

 Web design is getting more creative and can be extremely beneficial to your business. We have decided to list the 2018 top trends, highlighted below.


Firstly, 2018 will be a big year for website animation. Companies will be offering animated logos and other animations to amuse and entertain visitors. Much of this interest in animation has been roused by the ease of their creation through the plethora of creative tools now available. Animation can really transform a web design; however, it has to be done in a professional fashion and add value to the user experience. Just because animations are likely to be big for 2018, that’s not a good enough reason to include them in website design as they have to sync with the overall design and brand image.


Striking web designs using bold and adventurous colours will be more predominant through 2018. A variety of new design tools makes it easier to incorporate tailored colour into web design and this is highly likely to be a popular option for websites throughout the year.

Effective storytelling

Using web design to convey information effectively to consumers is likely to be about storytelling through 2018. During the year, data visualisation, video and 3D data representation will be used more frequently. This will be to convey complex information that couples with animations. This is to help deliver an engaging user experience that is compelling for consumers.


2017 saw an increase in brands opting to use illustrations in web designs and this trend looks set to continue. Illustrations can inject personality and humour into websites;  custom-created illustrations are a way for brands to stand out and demonstrate their individuality.

Artificial intelligence

Further to this, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular. Consumers develop habituated to interactions, this means when using AI this will benefit you. The use of conversational design interfaces looks set to increase for web designs. Gearing towards the improvement of a consumers journey through a website, this will be incorporated in a natural manner.

Increased focus on mobile

2017 saw huge increases in web designs specifically geared towards mobile users and this trend will continue through 2018. The content will need adapting for smaller screen sizes, it will also focus upon micro-interactions; this is as opposed to icon or button click-throughs. Use of mobile browsing overtook use of desktop browsing back in 2017, this means that web design developments for mobile users are likely to be a major element for 2018.

Lastly, CDA Group is a digital marketing agency offering a variety of web design and development services; particularly for eCommerce businesses looking to extend their reach.

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