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In celebration of Get to Know Your Customers Day; we’ve put together the following foolproof tips so that you can understand more about your target market.

By gathering comprehensive marketing intelligence on your customers; you will be able to segment your customer base and design marketing campaigns that, ultimately, achieve the best conversion rates possible.

Google Analytics

By implementing Google Analytics, you will be able to track the following movements and actions of any visitor to your website.

Audience reports will help you to track where your most profitable customers come from, find out more about their age and gender; and, furthermore, get to know the product preferences and personal interests of your current website visitors.

Behaviour reports, on the other hand, will help you to track your customers throughout their journey on your website. You can use these reports to discover your most popular pages and products so that, in future, you can tailor your offering based on visitor behaviour.

Google Analytics can also help you to track a customer through their specific journey to making a purchase, helping you to improve your customer sales funnel.

Social media

Away from your website, social media platforms offer a great way to gather intelligence on your customers. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, in particular, offer the richest sources of marketing intelligence.

Likes, shares, clicks and engagement rates are an excellent indicator of what your customers like and don’t like. Meanwhile, Facebook offers a comprehensive advertising platform; which can help you to reach new customers based on their demographics and interests. Use this feature to understand more about what appeals to your target market; and how you can tailor your campaigns to them.

Comments and reviews are also a fantastic way of getting to know your customers more. You can improve response rates by interacting personally with your customers; and even ask them directly for their thoughts and opinions.

Getting to know your customers is a surefire way of being able to tailor your offering to what your customers want and need. This will ensure that you can segment and target your customer base to achieve your overall company goals.

Here at CDA, we can help you to understand your customer base better. Contact us to take advantage of our expert digital marketing services and let us help you in achieving the highest conversion rate possible for your website.

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