There was a time when having a company website meant you were ahead of the curve. Today, the only way to get ahead in eCommerce and other businesses is to have the BEST website.

Your website is an investment in your company’s future, and a solid online presence is absolutely essential. This means staying on trend and having a website that is a joy to behold and experience. If your website is starting to show its age, whether it’s an eCommerce or brochure format; it may be time for a refurb to help you fall back in love with it. Here are some common age-related issues that need to be addressed:

You still use Flash

Websites which use Flash are out of touch with the times. Neither iPhones nor iPads support Flash, and Google, Yahoo, and Bing can’t even read it. Flash is damaging to your SEO and many users will have to install a plugin just to see it; a plugin that isn’t even available for many mobile devices. It’s a front-end folly that must be avoided.

You aren’t mobile optimised

A huge percentage of Google searches are done on a mobile device; if a website isn’t optimised for mobile, then people will simply move on. The user experience will make or break a business, and you will lose your share of the market if your website doesn’t accommodate the latest mobile browsing trends at the front-end.

The look is outdated

Developments in web design can change swiftly, and a website that is just a few years old can really start showing its age. Right now, it’s all about clean design and user-friendly navigation at the front-end; if your website is chaotic and messy, it’s time to redesign. Sites with a high-quality design are more likely to inspire trust, which is an essential component of converting visitors into customers. A high-quality redesign could achieve this for you.

It is slow and clunky

A super fast loading site will encourage customers to stay and visit more pages and generally have a better experience. Many consumers expect a page to load in as little as two seconds, and any longer than that can cause people to navigate away. You are jeopardising your ROI with a sluggish website, and your SEO will suffer too. There are many things that can be done at the back-end to improve your speed, so this will be a good refurb to make.

If you are looking to give your website a new lease of life to fall in love with it all over again, speak to us. Our team can talk you through the process and tell you how much it will cost. It could be just what’s needed to grow.

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