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Deciding to take your business online and offer your products for sale with just the click of a button is the way of the future and the way that brands can quickly build up their customer base and reputation through an eCommerce site.

However, the problem that many businesses face is that, after spending thousands developing their website and plenty of money on their marketing strategies and SEO efforts, the results still aren’t rolling in. It could be that your site is falling for one of these typical mistakes that business owners make with their product pages.

1. Slow load time

With so much choice and a decreasing attention spa; slow loading websites are often ignored by busy customers with little patience. If you click through to a product, you want it to load quickly or else you’ll click back and find it elsewhere instead. Improving your site’s speed starts from the ground up by optimising all aspects of each page and making sure there’s no unnecessary code or script running.

2. Lack of reviews

Reviews are the biggest indicator that potential customers use to identify whether or not a product is worth buying; as well as that your business is trustworthy enough. A lack of reviews makes the product look uninteresting and decreases the customer’s desire to make a purchase. Focus on building reviews for every product by encouraging all customers to leave reviews for each purchase.

3. Poor use of media

Poor quality images that don’t highlight the beauty of your products will be unlikely to convince anyone to part with their cash. Purchasing online means being unable to hold or feel something beforehand; so your images need to convey the USPs for them. As well as this, many eCommerce sites fail to incorporate videos; so, to get ahead of the competition, provide videos for each product with you demonstrating its uses.

4. Boring descriptions

You can immediately tell which descriptions have simply come straight off the packaging. These do little to inspire the imagination or convince customers to part with their cash. You need to put genuine effort into each and every description to make sure they are unique and that they are appealing to a real human being

If you feel that your site lacks the ability to convert customers or has been built to an insufficient quality; then it could be time to revamp it and create a fresh look for your business. To get started, check out our eCommerce services here, and see how we’ve already helped plenty of businesses to improve their online presence through an eCommerce site and convert more customers.