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Building a consistent brand ensures that all visual, verbal, and written communication of your business is clear to customers; this is helping them to associate certain words, phrases, and colours with your brand.


In a highly competitive online environment, the clearer and more consistent your online brand is, the greater the chances you have of helping your customers to align their understanding of the products or services you sell with your brand. Below we’ve listed out our top tips to help you ensure you build and maintain a consistent brand online.


One of the key ways you can build and maintain a consistent brand is by ensuring that all visual representations are uniform across every channel you use. From your social network channels to your website and email marketing, you must ensure that your brand is visually consistent. Make sure the logo, font, and imagery are uniform and in the style of your brand. This is so that wherever your customers encounter you, you are identifiable.

Verbal and written

When it comes to online communication of your brand; your tone of voice is of paramount importance to ensure that you attract and engage with your target customers. If, for example, you have a humorous tone of voice, you will be able to draw in a certain group of customers who align with your humour. If your business operates in a serious or sensitive market; a humorous tone of voice might not be appropriate when engaging with customers. The best way to ensure consistency in your brand online is to outline in your brand guidelines the keywords and phrases that highlight your company in a way that befits the experience you want your customers to have of your business.

Once you have clarified in your brand guidelines the visual, verbal, and written form you wish your brand to be represented in; it’s time to make sure you have achieved this across all your digital marketing channels. Conducting a monthly or quarterly audit will also help you maintain the consistency of your online brand.

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