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When it comes to marketing on social media, your campaign’s design is a massive factor that contributes to its overall success. Constructing an effective social media campaign is about more than just using bright colours and eye-catching fonts; it’s about ensuring that you target the right people and get them to take action on your website.

Below, you’ll find some of our top tips for successfully marketing your products on social media.

Know your audience

To advertise to fans of your products, you need to know where your audience is. For instance, if you create fashion pieces that are most often bought by people in their twenties and thirties, advertising on Instagram is probably your best bet for selling online. Photo-centric media are favoured by the younger generations, so you should establish your marketing campaigns where you know your audience will be based.

Provide an incentive

You don’t want people to glance at your ads and then continue scrolling; you want them to stop and take notice of your business. To fully capitalise on this, you need to provide an incentive that will tempt users to click on the ad and be transferred to your website. An example would be to advertise a discount below the product, such as “20% off knitwear”, that users will find appealing. When they move through the ad to your site and make a purchase, they are ‘converted’ and become customers.

Engage with your followers

If you’re maintaining a social media presence as part of your marketing, you need to regularly engage with your followers. This shows them that you’re actively reading their comments and attempting to build close brand-customer relationships. Social media users are more likely to stay up to date with profiles that regularly share posts and interact with them to keep them interested.

Create, create, create

Creating engaging content is one of the best ways to design a successful digital marketing campaign. When you are branding yourself on social media, the content that you produce should reflect what your business is all about. Show off your products, keep your posts fresh, optimise with good keywords to encourage web traffic and make your content as interesting as possible. Successful digital marketing campaigns are all about creativity, so ensure that the rest of your advertising revolves around high-quality content.

Choose CDA

If you’ve got some ideas for a social media campaign but don’t know how to put them into action, get in touch with CDA today. We specialise in digital marketing design and branding, so we’ll be able to help you design a social media campaign that will net online users and help to elevate your brand in the online business world. Please Contact us for more information.