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Does your website use lots of images, but you find that their quality is decreased when viewing them on a larger or smaller screen? If you uploaded your images on a mobile or tablet device, opening your project on a widescreen television or computer monitor might cause them to look out of focus, or certainly lower in quality. Your use of certain file types might be affecting your overall website’s appearance.

So, instead, here’s why you should add vector images to your next web design project.

What is a vector?

A vector is a kind of graphic used on websites and prints all over the world, for all kinds of different purposes. You will likely see these in magazines, comics, on noticeboards, packaging and websites, delivering a rich, clear image no matter what their size is. This is because they utilise a mathematical equation for each of their lines, curves and points which are then calculated to form the shape of the drawing or photograph.

They are commonly used in marketing campaigns where an expandable, outstanding-quality image is required for large-scale prints. Enlarging a usual PNG or JPEG image often results in a grainy and pixelated texture that looks unpleasant to the eye, so using a vector is always a better idea.

Why you should add vector images to your next web design project

Vectors provide the best performance for your website, helping it to look clean and professional whilst maintaining the image’s original quality. Here are some reasons to use them.

The biggest motivator is how, no matter how large you want your vector in a website, the calculations will ensure that it never looks grainy. This means you will be getting the most out of a commissioned graphic designer’s work, and hence your money. Plus, your website will look a lot more professional to visiting customers.

Also, if you want to take the vector beyond your website and use it to fulfil marketing campaigns based on your branding, this is possible. Using the image on physical prints or posters will still result in a striking outcome.

How we can help

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